9 Low-Cost Father/Daughter Adventures

Some families call them “daddy-daughter” days; others refer to them as “just us” outings. Regardless of what they are called, dads and daughters, at any age, have everything to gain by spending meaningful one-on-one time together. The daughter-dad bond will be strengthened because of it, and many of these activities are great ways to build compassion and also learn useful things about the world she lives in. Here are nine adventures you can go on with your young daughter.

1. Go on a walk.

Walking offers exercise, but more than that, it is a time when the mind can relax. Whether it is a short walk with a five-year-old, a longer walk for exercise, or a quiet walk that takes in the sights and sounds of a busy city, walking does a relationship good.

2. Fix something.

All kids, girls and boys, need to learn how to fix things, from leaky faucets to a fence. Start at the beginning by listing tools needed, then gather the tools, and let your daughter watch and understand each step.

3. Cook a meal together.

Do not just open the cupboard or refrigerator and then decide what to make. Make a meal plan, go shopping for the items, and then prep and cook together. Then sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal with your daughter.

4. Visit a retirement home.

If your daughter is old enough to understand aging, visiting a retirement or nursing home is a great way to start bridging the gap of understanding between life and death. For example, as people age, they sometimes live in places where they can be taken care of when they need it.

5. Go on a scavenger hunt.

List ten things you and your daughter will collect from neighbors. Depending on the age, keep it silly and simple: five squares of toilet paper, a kidney bean, etc. Knocking on doors and talking to strangers in a safe setting is a great way to teach children how to engage with adults.

6. Visit yard sales.

Make a list of a few household or yard items you might need and spend a Saturday morning hitting local yard or garage sales. Get up early, grab some donuts, and go look for treasures you cannot live without. Note: This helps a child understand that used toys are just as fun as new ones!

7. Go fish.

Fishing is a perfect chance to just sit still for a while and observe and enjoy nature. Leave the phones and electronic gadgets behind. Show your daughter how to bait a hook, cast, reel it in, and  ideally, cook and eat it! 

8. Visit a local library and get a library card.

The internet is good for a lot of things, but the atmosphere of a library is a sensory experience that every child should experience: the smell of paper, the towering aisles of books, and the silence. Especially the silence.

9. Walk a dog at an animal shelter.

Some animal shelters invite visitors (after an initial screening) to be occasional or regular dog walkers. Find out beforehand what you need and then spend one Saturday afternoon a month helping get dogs out of pens and into the sunshine.

Going on adventures with your daughter not only creates lasting memories of the two of you together, it can increase her sense of accomplishment, as well as self-esteem that comes from knowing that special time was set aside specifically for her. Dad-daughter adventures do not have to be expensive, or even take up a whole day if time is limited. Just pick a moment and go.

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If you have questions about long-term care coverage or how NPFBA can help serve you, feel free to reach out to us via our website, phone, email or schedule a zoom meeting and let’s grab some face time!

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