We are excited to announce that the NPFBA Trustees are now offering the opportunity to
purchase “ENHANCED ADDITIONAL” LTC coverage for all current participants.

Yes, you can now purchase a second LTC policy for you and/or your spouse to ENHANCE your LTC benefit coverage.

Why are the Trustees making this offer to ENHANCE benefits?
Many existing policyholders have asked how they can increase the level of comprehensive LTC benefits. Concerned policyholders have become keenly aware of the ever-increasing costs of home care, assisted living care, memory care, and 24-hour skilled nursing care, and believe they could be underinsured in the future.

This “ENHANCEMENT” to your LTC benefit is all about preserving your assets, limiting your potential LTC financial exposure, protecting your pension dollars, and having a solid plan in place for the future!

How is this “ENHANCEMENT” to your benefits offer going to work?
The following guidelines will help outline the process:

  • You and/or your spouse must be under the age of 61.
  • All applications will be fully underwritten and reviewed by the Plan Medical Consultant
  • All applications will require a para-med exam at NPFBA expense, the exam includes height, weight, blood pressure checks, and basic medical questions.
  • All new policy benefits are stackable with existing policies year after year.
  • All new benefits are paid in addition to existing LTC policies.
  • All new policies are written on an individual basis – no discounts apply.
  • You cannot apply if you currently have filed a claim for any NPFBA LTC coverage.
  • You cannot apply if you are currently receiving any LTC claim benefits from any provider.

Please click the APPLY button below to complete your secure DocuSign application.