Each year our Plan Administrators, California Public Safety Administrators, Inc., donate 8 scholarships to the children of CLEA and CAPF Plan Participants. Scholarship distribution consists of eight awards of $500 each divided equally between children of CLEA, CAPF and NPFBA Plan Participants.

6 scholarships available to High School Seniors (3 to children of CLEA Plan Participants and 3 to children of CAPF Plan Participants). Children of NPFBA participants are also eligible.

2 scholarships available to students continuing at a community college, university, vocational or technical school.(1 to a child of a CLEA Plan Participant and 1 to a child of a CAPF Plan Participant). Children of NPFBA participants are also eligible.

This is a valuable opportunity to provide your children with scholarship money in order to help them attain their higher education goals!

Please check in for the 2021 Information and Application Packet


We are very pleased to announce the following four students have been awarded the Children’s Scholarships for 2021:

High School Recipients

Shiley Escalante David – University of California Los Angeles, majoring in neuroscience (San Diego DSA)

Juliana Romero – University of California Irvine, majoring in bioscience and neurobiology (Long Beach POA)

Claudia Mau – University of California Berkeley, majoring in chemical engineering (Hayward Police Dept.)

Isabella Cortez – Gonzaga University, majoring in nursing (Salinas Fire Department)

Mikeely Siegel – underdetermined at time of application, majoring in medicine (Beverly Hills Fire)

Dane Hillis – California State University Long Beach, majoring in business and sports management (Beverly Hills Fire)


Jonah Dundas – Brigham Young University, obtaining a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering (DMV Investigators)

Isabelle Way – Graduate of University of Alabama degree in food and nutrition and will be attending University of Tennessee to obtain nursing degree (San Mateo Consolidated Fire)