NPFBA Long-Term Care Plan Application

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Application Requirements

Applications must complete all questions and sign and date where indicated.

Applicant must be age 60 or less and must fall into one of the following categories”

1. Member of  police department or fire department of municipal or public corporation or district including volunteers or reserves.

2. Peace of law enforcement officer who is a regular and salaried officer or employee of the state or of a single county or other political subdivision or public or municipal corporation.

3. Person who is an emergency medical services personnel and employed by a fire department of a city, county or district.

4. Person who at the time of becoming a member of such associations was qualified to paragraphs 1,2, or 3 above.

5. Spouse of qualified employee pursuant to paragraphs 1, 2, or 3 above.

6. Retirees may not apply unless they are otherwise qualified in one of the above sections.

The above list of qualified applicants would generally include County DA Investigators, County Probation Officers with peace officer status, State of California Investigators with peace officer status, Correctional Officers with the Department of Corrections of the state of California, California Highway Patropl Officers, County Correctional Officers, Firefighters, and CalFire Firefighters. Others who believe they qualify and are not listed above and must contact the Plan Administrator to determine eligibility.