4 Quick & Dirty Options For Police And Firefighter Couples On Valentines Day

Warning: This blog is intended for mature audiences only. 

Hey, I said mature audiences only! Joking! But seriously, now that the kids are out of the room, let’s talk: What is your plan for long-term care? Kidding again! 

Ok, this time it’s for real: What’s your plan for Valentine’s Day? You do realize it’s less than a week away, right? Get your phone open and take some notes because things actually are about to get real…real romantic, that is. If you’ve been tasked with making heart-day plans this year, here are four options that don’t require going to the mall or ordering something through the mail, since it’s a little too late for that! In fact, with these tips, this Valentine’s Day (and night) will be one for the record books.

The Ears Have It

If you’ve been searching for the perfect movie to watch with your partner on Valentine’s Day, just stop; movies are so last week. Consider listening to a sexy podcast instead. Podcasts are widely available on a variety of platforms, and they have plenty of titles designed for charging up the ol’ batteries. All it requires is a smartphone or computer, a podcast site, and a few key search terms…which of course are entirely up to you. So if you’ve never used your ears to set the mood, this Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to try it.

Speaking of trying new things…

Valentine’s Day is a time to dig….deep. What sultry secrets or adventurous admissions have you been wanting to share with your mate but haven’t found the right moment to spill the tea? Now’s your chance. Make a list of a few that you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, starting with your shirt!

Kitchen Confidential

I’m not talking about the best-selling book by the late, great Anthony Bourdain. I’m talking about raiding the romance refrigerator, so to speak. Let’s see, what goes well with love? Anything, that’s what! (well, maybe not jalapenos…) Take a stroll through the pantry and the fridge and put together a little lover’s picnic basket: Chocolate syrup? Peanut butter? Now we’re getting somewhere. How about a little marble fudge ice cream? After all, everyone screams for ice scream…

So if your plans aren’t quite worked out for the upcoming lover’s holiday, don’t worry: It’s not too late to plan a memorable (and I do mean memorable) Valentine’s Day no matter what your law enforcement or firefighter husband’s schedule says. Working on Valentine’s Day? Get a babysitter for the closest day off your guy or gal has to Tuesday, February 14 and start planning. Put all serious conversations aside for this one night: bills, retirement portfolios, long-term care planning, grocery shopping. All of that will be waiting for you on the other side of Valentine’s Day.

If you have questions about long-term care coverage or how NPFBA can help serve you, feel free to reach out to us via our website, phone, email or schedule a zoom meeting and let’s grab some face time!

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