So Money: 8 Financial Podcasts To Make Your Money Grow

We may not all have Vince Vaughn’s character from the movie Swingers following us around and constantly reminding us, “Dude, you’re so money!” but we do have the next best thing: financial podcasts that can help make us feel like a money tree is, in fact, growing outside in our backyard. 

If you are still unsure of what a podcast is, think about our dusty old friend, the radio. Podcasts are simply radio shows served up to us by the internet. And, most are free. Think of just about any topic under the big ball of fire in the sky and there’s probably a podcast about it, including no shortage of podcasts about life on the beat

Length Does Matter

Speaking of beats, no matter how much you love yours, you probably don’t want to work forever. Guess what? There’s a podcast for that. Financial podcasts are easy to access and geared toward people who aren’t necessarily money experts, but who want to learn how to make smart money decisions so it’s working for them, even when they do eventually stop working.

Another fact about length (of your career): Whether you’re in a Class A or a Class B day in and day out, you’ll likely retire at a much younger age than your civilian friends, even if you don’t want to. Injuries, stress, wear and tear on the ol’ dome, speed up the timeline for retiring. Incidentally, the National Police and Fire Benefits Association is a non-profit organization that offers extremely affordable long-term care insurance to people just like you. 


The Lucky 7

Ideally, you won’t need luck if you check out these seven financial podcasts that will help your finances literally get growing.

1. The Clark Howard Podcast.

As a veteran consumer expert with a super down-home and easy-to-understand style, Clark Howard offers tips and advice on saving money, investing, and making common sense financial decisions, from insurance to credit cards.

2. The Dave Ramsey Show.

Another old pro is financial expert Dave Ramsey, an expert on managing money, paying off debt, and building wealth. Known for his “baby steps” approach to financial management, Ramsey emphasizes setting and achieving small financial goals as a way of building momentum towards larger, long-term goals.

3. The Suze Orman Show.

This trusted financial expert and best-selling author provides financial and practical advice on everything from saving for retirement to investing in the stock market. Her podcast is perfect for anyone, but especially women, interested in making smarter financial decisions.

4. The Money Guy Show.

Financial advisors Brian Preston and Bo Hanson are the hosts of this podcast that bills itself as offering practical advice on building wealth through investing and saving. The duo have built a reputation for their simple explanations of sometimes complex financial ideas. 

5. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi.

Featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and other finance experts, this podcast is known for its simple approach to money topics ranging from managing money to financial freedom.

6. Afford Anything.

Personal finance blogger and podcast host Paula Pant uses her show to teach you how to create passive income streams and achieve financial independence. Pant interviews guests from various financial fields who offer advice on building a lifelong understanding of money matters.

7. Rental Income Podcast.

Straightforward host Dan Lane knows about making money in the rental market. He includes interviews with successful rental property investors who give their take on best practices, strategies, and their own personal experiences. 

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Mow You Go

If you like to listen while you work, or drive, or mow the lawn with your earbuds in, a quick internet search will give you the current streaming location of all the podcasts listed here. Keep in mind that advice on how to manage money, invest, and/or save for retirement, should all be verified with your personal financial planner. For long-term care plan benefits and advice for law enforcement personnel and their spouses, NPFBA is a great place to begin.

If you have questions about long-term care coverage or how NPFBA can help serve you, feel free to reach out to us via our website, phone, email or schedule a zoom meeting and let’s grab some face time!

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